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  • If you think I'm going to feel guilty for my lackadaisical updating, well forget it.

    19 January 2013

    A fact has become clear to me:  The State of New York no longer exists.  What we have today is a polity that is, in effect, the City of New York and its possessions.

    The passage of the “SAFE” act is a clear message to the residents of the possessions of the City of New York that our interests and lifestyle are no longer relevant to the politicians of the State of New York.  The passage of this bill is the legislative equivalent of rape.  It was passed suddenly and without our consent.  Our interests and concerns, as well as our rights, were secondary to the whims and desires of the City of New York.

    I am sure that there are state level politicians who are absolutely befuddled by the fact that they are required to vote on farm issues since they have never seen a farm in the Bronx.  I would not be surprised if the legislature of the State of the City of New York voted for a car tax that required New Yorkers to pay 100% of the value of their automobile each year since, in reality, a car is a luxury.  You can always take the subway or a bus to wherever your going, after all.  The cultural gap between the City and the State of New York is as vast as the gap between Washington, DC and America.

    In a perfect world, the residents of the State of New York would have the right, and ability, to divorce themselves from the political over-reaching of the City of New York.  In the real world, we are stuck with its mandates and its world-view.  I have had a recurring dream:  I stand at the Rockland County line with a huge saw.  I cut, and I cut.  Eventually, NYC and Long Island are cut free and I push them out to sea.  I wish them good luck in their journeys, but I do not miss them.

    Back in the land of the awake, we have to deal with the costs of this NYC control to the people of the possessions of the City of New York.  Unfunded mandates, regulations and laws, passed to solve NYC and NYC suburban county problems, but having statewide effect and statewide costs, have built upon and compounded on themselves.  These costs are bringing our local governments to the brink of bankruptcy. The State Senate is controlled now by the politicians of the City of New York, regardless of the fig leaf of a few Democrats caucusing with the Republicans to form a “Republican” majority.  The situation will continue to worsen and the costs to rise.

    I can dream of the counties of Western New York declaring their separation and forming their own polity to free themselves from the tyranny of the City of New York, but this will not happen.  It would create a new entity that would potentially result in a new state that would bring with it two new US Senators who would inevitably be Republican.  The City of New York would never stomach that, let alone the party of which it is a wholly owned subsidiary.

    Alternatively, perhaps the border counties, and their neighbors, could petition Pennsylvania for admission to the Commonwealth.  That will not be allowed for very much the same reason.  It would tip the balance of power in Pennsylvania in favor of the Republicans.  That would never be allowed.

    What I suspect will continue to happen, though, is that former citizens of what was, once, the Empire State will continue to make their homes in Free States in the south and west of the United States of America in increasing numbers as the oppression of the City of New York continues.  With lower taxes, and better employment prospects, than are available in the possessions of the City of New York, it is a no-brainer to flee.  Good luck paying your ever-increasing bills with an ever-increasing outmigration of taxpayers, State of the City of New York.

    15 March 2009

    I just finished putting together a tutorial on what you need to do to make sure you don't fry your electronics gear when you go a travelling.  I think it's clear, but I wrote it so I WOULD think so wouldn't I.  If I made it too confusing let me know and be sure to tell me what exactly wasn't clear so I can fix it.

    9 March 2009

    I just got me a new phone at the beginning of the month:  An LG Dare.  I did a lot of research before I took the plunge.  Howard Forums and LG Dare Forum were great resources.  

    I'm having a great time with the phone, I even created my own custom homepage for the phone.  When I select internet on the phone this is what comes up instead of the generic marketing oriented Verizon page.

    I've also been using Irfanview and to make wallpapers for the phone.  Really neat stuff.

    9 March 2009

    It struck me that I didn't have any images for the AMC or Jeep logos for a desktop wallpaper.  I looked around the web and could only find images in the 300 x 300 pixel ranges.  So I fired up and made some.  Oh, Here's the wallpaper I made from them, it is sized for my diminutive screen, so you may need to resize it if you want to use it.     

    25 January 2009

    I made a promise to many of you to put up a picture gallery for you to snag pictures of yourselves or places where you were that I may have taken at Fort Bragg or in Afghanistan.  Well I'm in the process of doing it now.  I am uploading the nearly 3000 pictures I took.  Feel free to use them for non-commercial purposes, they are all copywrited.  The link is on the left side of this page under The Files: Picture Galleries.  You will need a user name and password to view them.  I will be sending out a group email with a generic account user name and password shortly.  If you didn't get it, email me and I will set you up.  If you want your own account so you can upload your pictures email me and I'll set it up as soon as I see the request.  Enjoy.

    14 December 2008

    I've put up a new page of pictures.  Enjoy.

    5 December 2008

    It is amazing how fast time flies by.  I will use the excuse that I have been busy, mainly because it is true.  I would like to thank CJ and his classmates for their interest in what I've been up to.

    I've put up a new page of pictures.  Enjoy.

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