Here are some pictures from my little excursion into the wilds of Afghanistan.  

Because of bandwidth constraints sending emails with lots of pictures is difficult, so I figured I would put together a picture page and send out the link instead.  
These pictures are of me and the outstanding young men with whom I am working to help the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan become a stable and safe place for the people of Afghanistan.

Brewster's Acre Postcard

This is a picture I took of my home here.  I thought it would make a great postcard.  You can buy your own at the ECP.  

My Mud Hut

I joked about being issued a mud hut for my stay in Afghanistan.  Well, here it is.  The Spanish roughly translates as "Blockhouse of the bad one".

My Hooch

These would be my quarters.  As you can see, I have all the luxuries:  A window, a coffee maker, a lamp and a chair to rest my weary body after a patrol.

Marine at Rest
This is a picture of a Marine taking a moment to rest.  I saw this and I knew I had to snap a picture.  I'm rather fond of it.

ANP Overwatch

This a picture of one of my proteges over watching a visit to a village by our troops.  This is another one I think came out well.


Here is a picture of some of the outstanding people that I have had the honor of working with.

images/Field_Trip/Kids at the Bazaar

This is a picture of the village bazaar.  You can buy an amazing variety of products here.  All of which is driven into the valley on overloaded jingle trucks.