Here are some pictures from my new assignment in the wilds of Afghanistan.  

Because of bandwidth constraints sending emails with lots of pictures is difficult, so I figured I would put together some picture pages and send out the link instead.  
These particular pictures are of me and the outstanding men with whom I am working to help the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan become a stable and safe place for the people of Afghanistan.

Russian Arms - Post Card

The Soviets had a base here in Bala Baluk and they built a nice hotel.  In the current environment the rates have become quite reasonable.

Gas Station - Post Card

This is a pretty typical rural gas station.  Three 55 gallon drums of fuel, a couple of  plastic jugs to measure out the quantity and a funnel to pour it in.  
There are more modern facilities in some locations with actual pumps, but Afghans are entrepreneurs and anyone can own a gas station.

Sitting with the ANP accounting for weapons

It is a sunny day, and we need to get down to business.  So the ANP pull out a carpet and we sit together doing our work.

A picture of me and my patrol in the power room of the old Soviet complex
Here's a picture of me and some of my patrol.  We're inspecting the gutted power room of the Soviet complex.

Posing for a picture

Just out there having fun.  

A four legged Taliban Spy

Our Command Post was infiltrated by a Taliban spy.  We have been trying to subvert her.

Be it ever so humble....

I miss my mud hut....