Here are some pictures from my new assignment in the wilds of Afghanistan.  

Because of bandwidth constraints sending emails with lots of pictures is difficult, so I figured I would put together some picture pages and send out the link instead.  
These particular pictures are of me and the outstanding men with whom I am working to help the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan become a stable and safe place for the people of Afghanistan.

Me standing backlit in an archway

I've been playing with Irfanview a bit.  This is a crop out of a picture of me on page 3.

Picture of Afghan Flag

This is a rather nice picture of the Afghan flag taken through the doorway of one of the ruined Russian buildings.

Afghans hunting for cellular signal

The cell tower here is not working, so the men get up on high buildings and reach for a signal.  This appears to work, though I haven't tried.
"Can you hear me now???"

Can you hear me now? post card
I really like the postcard theme, what can I say?

Proof I am alive

Just out there having fun.  

Another four legged Taliban Spy

Our Command Post was infiltrated by another Taliban spy.  This one was visiting under the guise of being Eid dinner.

Sunrise in Bala Baluk

Another sunrise.